Huge Demand For U.S. Health Care Workers Leads to Higher Pay

http://app.compass/propertiesMany health care employers provided higher salaries and more benefits to professionals compared to 2016, as the demand for industry workers are on the rise, according to a survey.

The Health e-Careers 2017–2018 Salary Guide surveyed almost 20,000 professionals and it showed that 87% received a higher pay than the previous year. Companies offered the highest average income to a surgeon or doctor. Physician locum tenens jobs also increased due to more health care groups relying on short-term workers.

Salary Statistics

The survey revealed that physicians and surgeons earn more than $258,000, which is the highest reported average income. Health care executives ranked next with a salary of more than $158,600, followed by physician assistants whose income reached over $108,300.

Nurse practitioners earn more than $102,500, while registered nurses earn more than $70,700 on average each year. The latter group may only be the 11th highest paid profession, yet their average annual salary rose 5% from 2016. Only 14% of the respondents admitted that they are “very satisfied” with their salaries, while 36% are “somewhat satisfied”.

Job Satisfaction

In case, they plan to find another job in their field, 46% of the respondents feel confident about landing a new job. These professionals seem to be aware that companies are doing their best to keep workers, especially because the number of patients increases and more baby boomer professionals retire from the industry.

If you decide to take on short-term work, locum tenens could be a good option. Some of the in-demand professionals for this type of temporary staffing include primary care and emergency physicians, hospitalists, and behavioral health specialists.

The job prospects for health care workers remain bright, as the higher salaries indicate that companies want to retain personnel. Other than a higher pay, benefits such as bonuses and flexible working hours also lure professionals to stay in their current jobs.

Choosing a Dentist in Wigmore: 3 Top Ttips

a dentist attending to the questions of his patientGoing to the dentist isn’t something most people relish. Childhood experiences with painful extractions or the shame of wearing braces for years means that some people put off arranging a check-up or even give up on seeing a dentist all together. The good news is that modern dentistry has ways of helping even the most phobic patient overcome their aversion to seeking help.

A modern dentist in Wigmore, such as Wigmore Dental Practice in Wigmore, does everything they can to put patients at ease.

Tip 1: Keep calm and go to the dentist

Chances are there is a dentist in Wigmore offering conscious sedation: this is a mild sedative that means the patient stays awake and relaxed throughout the treatment. It can either be administered with a needle or as a gas or tablet.

It differs from anaesthetic in that the patient isn’t knocked out or numb, but remains aware and at peace while the clinicians do their work.

Tip 2: Not just about the treatment

Dental surgeries these days also do their best to provide a relaxed, inviting environment and an easy, stress-free treatment experience. When choosing a dentist in Wigmore, it’s important to take all these factors into account, not just the clinical experience of the dentist.

Are the reception staff friendly and welcoming? Is the waiting area comfortable? Do they offer refreshments? Are the clinical staff easy to talk to? Some dental treatment plans can be up to two years long, so finding somewhere that makes patient comfort and customer service a priority is key.

Tip 3: Range of services

There are dentists that specialise in a particular form of dentistry. There are others that offer cosmetic treatments and others still that cover many different services. Practices that are geared up for children’s treatments and family dentistry are going to feel very different to those that specialise in cosmetic work. It is wise for patients to make sure that the surgery is suited to their particular needs and has experience of working with the condition they want treating.

Following these tips can help turn a trip to the dentist in Wigmore from something to be feared to an integral part of a positive health routine.

Good Health

Woman Pointing to Her White TeethIt’s important to keep the mouth in good condition as part of a healthy approach to life. A crucial aspect of maintaining one’s oral health is a regular visit to the dentist. Soho dentists, like PS Dental Care, can prevent minor developments from becoming major dental problems. They can spot the signs that patients will miss at home, and provide up-to-date advice based on contemporary knowledge. Dental professionals provide welcoming environments in which patients can relax before, during, and after their treatments.

Reasons to visit the dentist in Soho

One might visit a Soho dentist for cosmetic reasons. Cosmetic dentistry treatments continue to be popular with adults seeking to improve the appearance of their teeth. Years of staining may have slowly turned the teeth a funny colour, in which case teeth whitening treatments will give the patient a dazzling smile. Dental veneers, applied to the teeth’s enamel surfaces, will bring a smart appearance to chipped or uneven teeth.

If the patient has dental crowding or a misaligned bite, braces and aligners can straighten things out. Modern realignment appliances are made from discreet materials, so they don’t attract unwanted scrutiny.

Damaged or decayed teeth can be repaired using durable and natural-looking materials. Dental implants can restore missing teeth with replacements that stay in the mouth permanently. They bring back one’s ability to bite into food and chew it, making the simple things in life a little easier to enjoy.

Of course, sudden developments like sporting injuries or dining mishaps may require emergency dental care, and many modern dentists have weekend and bank holiday services to meet this need.

A Soho dentist might also provide oral cancer screening, with yearly checks that take the patient’s overall health into account.

Effective convenience

Contemporary dental professionals care for their patients with sensitivity and tact. Before any work begins, the patient can discuss their oral health, and what they want their treatment to achieve. Detailed plans ensure that oral health enhancements are tailored to fit each individual. Payment options can reduce the financial impact of important dental work, so that the patient can access the treatment they need at the time they need it.

Everything You Ought to Know Regarding Crown Lengthening

A man suffering from a toothacheThrough dental crowns, specialists can address extreme tooth decay concerns, and they can as well fix broken or chipped teeth. Crowns can last for ten years or more, and their design ensures the restoration of the functions of damaged or defective teeth. Before having a dental crown installed, your dental specialist has to make sure that the surrounding gums and teeth can provide adequate support.

A top cosmetic dentist from Ginger Price DDS in Phoenix, Arizona, recommends crown lengthening if the affected tooth is not enough to provide the needed support. In severe tooth damage cases, the part of the remaining tooth that sticks out is tiny and unreliable. Below is everything you should know regarding crown lengthening.

How Does Crown Lengthening Work?

During crown lengthening, the dental surgeon removes a portion of the gum tissue to get more of a tooth exposed. They can do this if you need a filling or a crown. It also corrects gummy smiles, and this could significantly enhance the aesthetics of the dental of a patient. What if you are getting crown lengthening for cosmetic reasons? A professional is likely to focus on the front teeth and cut off the unwanted gum tissue.

What Happens During Procedures?

First, you need to undergo teeth cleaning. Your dental surgeon would then temporarily place a crown over the affected teeth. It will get a precise idea of the length of gum that they ought to remove. You will remain with the impermanent crown for at least three months. After the gums heal, you can have your temporary dental crown removed.

What Can You Expect During The Healing Course?

Healing takes three months or less. However, you need to have the stitches removed one week following the procedure. Patients also need to go for two or three follow up appointments for the dentist to assess whether they are healing properly.

Beautiful and perfectly healthy teeth, when obscured by uneven or excessive gums, could be addressed through crown lengthening. Also referred to as a gum lift, the procedure could facilitate crown installation of severely damaged teeth.

Act Fast: Don’t Ignore These Medical Symptoms

A woman's teeth examined by a dentistWhen does it start to get serious? Should you be worried? Should you simply take medication to get rid of the pain? If you ask these questions because you are sensing that something is not right with your body, then you may have to consult a medical professional. This solution is not simply to ease your anxiety; it’s also a preventive measure. You don’t want any minor pain to worsen.

What are the signs or symptoms that you should see a medical professional right away?


It’s easy to ignore a toothache if painkillers can relieve the pain or it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities. But if not checked, bacteria can get inside your tooth and infect your nerves and blood vessels, causing pain, swelling, and fever. Before the tooth pain intensifies, visit a Los Angeles dental clinic for treatment.

A splitting headache

When you experience a headache so bad that no over-the-counter can cure it, it can be a serious issue. If you’re feeling this daily and it comes with other symptoms, such as feelings of weakness or numbness, or it gets worse over time despite taking painkillers, chances are it’s a symptom of an underlying illness. Get this checked right away.

A heavy feeling in your chest

When you feel a twitch or pain in your chest, do you instantly feel tired? Is the pain spreading to your arm or neck? Do you feel like you’re drowning? Don’t undermine these symptoms even if you seldom experience them. It’s serious, and you shouldn’t put off going to the doctor for a consultation.

Pain in your lower back

Have you recently carried something heavy, or are you practicing a workout that is painful on your lower back? If the painkillers and hot or cold packs are not working, it might be time for an x-ray. Your results will tell if you should change your workout or avoid lifting weights. Lower back pain can also stem from other problems such as heart disease or a tumor.

When Your Skin Feels Itchier the More You Scratch It

Closeup young woman scratching her itchy back with rashesRashes, one of the most common dermatologic complaints, can happen to anyone, at any given time. This is primarily because the skin can be very sensitive, and it doesn’t help that there are just so many different allergens that can easily irritate it. It’s important to keep in mind that while not all rashes should be a cause of panic, there are some situations wherein you should treat them as an urgent matter and seek professional skin health care.

This is especially true when the rash isn’t the only symptom you experience. In this case, it’s best that you set up an appointment with a Salt Lake City dermatologist, such as Brian J. Williams, M.D., as soon as possible.

Itching before the rash even came out

Of the many different skin conditions characterized by inflammation and irritation of the skin, eczema tops the list. Eczema is the collective term for medical conditions that give rise to these symptoms. Although, its most common form is atopic dermatitis (also known as atopic eczema).

One sign that indicates you have this skin condition is itching even before the rashes make themselves apparent. This is actually why eczema is also known as “the itch that rashes.” And over time, the rashes dry out the skin, even more, causing the skin to flake and even take on the appearance of scaly patches. Some sufferers even have reported their skin to have felt like leather.

Don’t ignore the warning signs

One thing about eczema that should already concern you is that scratching makes the itch worse. The more you scratch, the more inflamed and itchy your skin becomes. You may even notice fluids coming out of the affected area that turn crusty when dry.

These are warning signs that should prompt you to seek a dermatologist right away. The sooner you get help, the earlier you can get rid of all these unpleasant sensations that eczema brings.

Visiting the Dentist in W1 at an Early Age

A major dental problem among young children is tooth decay. Many parents assume that cavities in baby teeth do not matter because they will be lost and replaced anyway. However, the reality is very different. Dental decay in baby teeth is a real problem as it can negatively affect the development of adult teeth as well as cause many other oral health problems.

The best way to protect children’s teeth is to teach them good dental habits. This can be achieved with frequent visits to a dentist in W1, such as those at Harley Street Dental Clinic, for regular check-ups and cleanings. Parents can help their children adopt a good oral hygiene routine and bring them to the dentist regularly to remove plaque and bacteria from their teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Preventive dental treatments for children

Besides regular check-ups and cleanings, the dentist in W1 will also recommend various preventive measures to ensure that children’s teeth are well protected against tooth decay. These treatments include fluoride applications and dental sealants. Topical fluoride can be painted on the teeth at the end of the cleaning procedure, adding minerals to the tooth enamel. This will help keep children’s teeth stronger and more protected against cavities.

Dental sealants, on the other hand, also protect children’s teeth from tooth decay. These thin, plastic coatings seal the surfaces of the teeth and prevent bacteria from entering into the grooves of the teeth. Sealants can last for many years, but it is beneficial to renew them every few years, depending on the wear observed by the dentist in W1. Parents should keep in mind that sticky food, such as sweets, can lead to the early destruction of dental sealants.

Dental check-ups

Frequent dental check-ups are really important because they allow the dentist to check children’s teeth and gums thoroughly. If they notice problems, they may take specific action and recommend a specialised treatment. As part of a thorough dental check-up, the dentist will also ensure that all the teeth are developing normally and that there are no active dental problems. The dentist will also offer valuable advice on proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques.

AAO: Children Should Visit an Orthodontist at 7 Years Old

a child having a dental checkWhen it comes to orthodontic treatment, parents could bring their children to an orthodontist for a check-up as early as seven years old, according to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

This allows you to find out if there are certain problems with your child’s dental health. Take note that you are not required to spend on braces to correct orthodontic problems since it is quite unusual for a seven-year-old kid.

Preventive step

An early check-up with an orthodontist in Fredericksburg, VA, for instance, lets you become aware if your child snores during bedtime. The orthodontist could expand your child’s upper jaw by widening their palate. As a result, their nasal passages become wider. Snoring serves as one likely sign of sleep apnea. This condition may occur in children as young as four years old.

It is a dangerous condition since it stops a person’s breathing while they are asleep, as well as other serious health issues. Parents should know that orthodontists provide more than just dental braces. The AAO has debunked this myth and several others to raise awareness.

Orthodontic myths

Aside from only offering braces, a common myth about orthodontic treatment involves the qualifications of orthodontists. The AAO said that not all providers of braces or clear aligners are orthodontists. Treatment also requires patients to pay regular visits, as their orthodontist would monitor and check teeth and jaws.

Another myth refers to children being the only common orthodontic patients. On the contrary, AAO orthodontists treated 1.46 million American adults in 2014. The AAO cleared these misconceptions as part of the National Orthodontic Health Month in October.

Prevention is always better than cure. An early visit to the dentist also teaches your child about the importance of oral health at a young age. When do you plan to visit an orthodontist?

Three Benefits Offered By Porcelain Veneers

Smiling GirlA smile is perhaps the most notable thing about a person. It is therefore beyond debate that you should work on ways to keep your teeth looking great and healthy. In case you have concerns about the state of your teeth, you could have them corrected through cosmetic dentistry.

There are numerous approaches that competent cosmetic dentists in Sioux Falls could use to restore lost, chipped, crooked or stained teeth. One of the best-reviewed methods, however, is the use of porcelain veneers. Below is a summary of some of the benefits that the approach presents.

Less Maintenance

Porcelain veneers are durable, and they require less maintenance compared with their composite resin counterparts. They do not easily chip and could last between 12 and 25 years. The only maintenance they need is the usual oral hygiene practices.

They Are Versatile

Porcelain veneers are innovative dental technology that dentists use to treat a whole range of concerns. Manufacturers mold and shape them in a lab to a size, fit or style that can resolve specific problems. You should consider them when seeking to address dental malformation, extreme teeth misalignment, and severe discoloration. Patients who feel that their teeth are too small may also opt for these kinds of veneers.

Safer For the Gums

Gum tissues better tolerate porcelain veneers. Options such as composite veneers cause mild inflammations that result in pain or discomfort. It is better to be safe and get cosmetic enhancements that will not only be comfortable but also guarantee you of natural-looking results.

It is possible for porcelain veneers to last for a lifetime if you take good care of them. Visit a local reputable dental practice and have your issues checked and the right treatment plan devised. A dependable cosmetic dentist will inform you about the problems identified and the different restorative options that you can consider.

Cervical Herniated Discs: A Look into the Condition

Woman with back pain

Woman with back painWorking for long hours in front of the computer can cause back pain. Usually, such symptoms can be relieved with a change in posture, exercise, or a massage. However, when your neck pain radiates down to your back, then to your shoulder and makes your arms numb, then you should see a professional.

Consulting a cervical spine specialist in Fort Worth is a must if you suspect that you are experiencing such symptoms. You might be suffering from a cervical herniated disc.

What is cervical herniated disc?

The spine is composed of cushion-like tissues called discs that allow the bones to bend and the neck to twist without friction and pain. Over time, this cushion can experience wear and tear due to age, accidents, or improper usage.

This disc can “leak out” of the spine and touch other nerves in the body, usually the arm. When the leaked disc pinches cervical nerves, you will feel pain. This causes that tingling feeling as well as muscle weakness and numbness along with the usual neck pain.

What are the phases of the condition?

There are four stages of cervical disc herniation known as disc degeneration, prolapse, extrusion, and sequestration. The first one is associated with the normal aging causing the vertebral disc to weaken. Prolapse, on the other hand, is when the position of the disc changes also known as bulging disc.

The third stage is when the gel-like insides of the disc break through the wall but still remains intact with the discs. The last stage is when the nucleus pulposus breaks through and moves to the spinal canal.

What are the treatment options for this condition?

Doctors commonly give non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help cope with the pain. Non-surgical procedures include chiropractic treatments, therapy, wearing of back braces and activity or lifestyle modification among others.

For more severe cases, your physician may advise surgical intervention.

If you suspect that you might be suffering from a cervical herniated disc, consult with a cervical spine specialist. Pain is not normal, and you should have it checked immediately.