3 Simple Ways to Combat Senior Stress and Depression

Stressed and Depressed SeniorDepression is not a part of the aging process, but many older adults suffer from it. It can be due to retirement, illness, the death of a loved one, and other changes associated with old age. This contributes to sadness and isolation, causing feelings of hopelessness and preventing you from enjoying life. You may also feel reluctant to get help, as you think of it as a sign of a flaw or weakness.

Fortunately, it is possible to fight and prevent depression related to old age. Legacy Village Sugar House and other retirement living centers in Salt Lake City note that the right support network, self-help strategies, and treatment can help you achieve and lead a fulfilling life.

Talk to Others

Connect with friends, loved ones, and others when you’re feeling lonely. The goal is to keep the feelings of sadness away by limiting the time you are alone. You can also benefit from joining a new club, support groups, other activities that support your interests. Talking to a therapist also helps. If you have disability or mobility issues, invite family members and friends to visit or chat with you.

Get Moving

The feelings of despair and loneliness may cause you to avoid any activity and isolate yourself. Instead of choosing to be alone, maintain a regular exercise habit. Studies suggest that physical activities can keep your mind sharp and help with depression. Exercise can take in many forms like having a short walk, doing household chores, or climbing the stairs. Ask your physician for other recommended activities.

Keep a Pet

A furry animal like a dog brings more than just fun and affection. Research notes that dogs can relieve stress and anxiety, and ease feelings of loneliness. You can also walk your dog, which encourages fitness and a good way to meet new friends and people. It is also good to know that dog owners are less likely to suffer from stress and depression than those who don’t have one.

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Keep in mind that it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life. Remember that you cannot control the things happening in your life, but you can always change the way you feel about them. Develop a new way of thinking and engage in activities you enjoy.