Act Fast: Don’t Ignore These Medical Symptoms

A woman's teeth examined by a dentistWhen does it start to get serious? Should you be worried? Should you simply take medication to get rid of the pain? If you ask these questions because you are sensing that something is not right with your body, then you may have to consult a medical professional. This solution is not simply to ease your anxiety; it’s also a preventive measure. You don’t want any minor pain to worsen.

What are the signs or symptoms that you should see a medical professional right away?


It’s easy to ignore a toothache if painkillers can relieve the pain or it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities. But if not checked, bacteria can get inside your tooth and infect your nerves and blood vessels, causing pain, swelling, and fever. Before the tooth pain intensifies, visit a Los Angeles dental clinic for treatment.

A splitting headache

When you experience a headache so bad that no over-the-counter can cure it, it can be a serious issue. If you’re feeling this daily and it comes with other symptoms, such as feelings of weakness or numbness, or it gets worse over time despite taking painkillers, chances are it’s a symptom of an underlying illness. Get this checked right away.

A heavy feeling in your chest

When you feel a twitch or pain in your chest, do you instantly feel tired? Is the pain spreading to your arm or neck? Do you feel like you’re drowning? Don’t undermine these symptoms even if you seldom experience them. It’s serious, and you shouldn’t put off going to the doctor for a consultation.

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Pain in your lower back

Have you recently carried something heavy, or are you practicing a workout that is painful on your lower back? If the painkillers and hot or cold packs are not working, it might be time for an x-ray. Your results will tell if you should change your workout or avoid lifting weights. Lower back pain can also stem from other problems such as heart disease or a tumor.