Beyond Bandannas: Three Fresh Promotional Product Ideas

Dog licking his masterVeterinary healthcare has become a thriving industry, thanks to social media which boosted pet care and everything animals to higher levels of consciousness. With growing awareness of grooming, pampering and veterinary treatments, it’s time to up your game when it comes to promoting your own veterinary business.
Pet Care Promotional Products for Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals
Positive Impressions, LLC explain that Veterinary clinics and hospital owners don’t have to settle for common merchandise like bandannas, collars, nail cutters and flea combs. All that’s needed are fresh ideas, good planning and some great animal care products.
Here are three fresh ideas on promotional products to retain loyal clients and entice new “believers.”
1. Pet Photo Package
Showcase what good veterinary products and services are all about with pet photo shoot promos. Tie up with a pet photographer for themed healthy pet photo sessions and create digital or print photo albums (various apps can easily do this) complete with basic pet care kit. This is a great special events’ promo (national pet day or business anniversary) and also makes for a cute Happy Birthday Pet gift for your loyal clients (and their humans).
2. Pet Trail Pack
A compact travel pack for pets is an essential reminder for humans not to dwell solely on their own travel needs. Create a no-nonsense pet trail pack with three basic kits on-the-go: waste kit (wipes and laundry bag), mess kit (bowls and water cups) and rest-and-revive kit (water atomizer and munchers). Go the extra mile (in effort and distance) by creating personalized pet trail packs for valued clients (a nice “B” or “Buster” on Buster’s laundry bag, so the human won’t have an excuse to use it).
3. Pet “Happiness Gear”
Let’s face it, litter scoops, as well as mugs, pens, and diaries, are not really for the pet’s enjoyment. Go for some pet-focused promotional items like a happiness gear in the form of a pet harness (for building instant luxuries like hammocks and swings) with some good old pet toys (hamster wheels or cat fur balls).


Simply include a creative yet discreet branding element on your promotional products and be ready for clients flocking in no time.
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