Veterinary 101: How to Help Clients Care for their Sick Pets

sick dog resting on a sofaA huge part of being a veterinarian is helping your clients manage their pet’s needs. Even the most insignificant symptom could be an indication of something more serious. Vets are the best people to advise their clients on coping with pets that are ill.

Special Pet Care Needs

According to the specialists at, everyone in the household should know all about the special diet of the sick pet because this could help the pet recover and prevent the condition from becoming worse. You should also make certain that your client knows about changes to their pet’s physical needs, such that some medicines might make their pet drink more water, which in turn would lead to more frequent urination and more walks. More importantly, make sure that they know to call you immediately if they notice their pet worsening or exhibiting new symptoms.

Chronic Illnesses and Home Care

More often than not, pet owners who lack funds for animal clinics or hospitals would try to care for their sick pets at home. But this caregiver role could be immensely taxing for them, physically and mentally. You need to provide clear and detailed instructions and information to your clients so that they could care for their beloved pets at home. This would include clear medical labels and instructions for all medications and perhaps some notes for encouragement in veterinary prescription bags.

A Hospital Stay?

In many cases, pet owners would take their pets to their veterinarian, and if their pet is severely sick, the pet might have to stay in the vet’s clinic for some time. However, not all pet owners could afford lengthy clinic stays, not to mention the medications and procedures. In cases like these, you might have to suggest other care alternatives or options, or possibly work out a payment plan, especially if the pet owner is a loyal client.

The Long and Short of It All

You’ll see numerous sick pets in your practice and while might be normal to you; it’s probably not so normal to their owners. That being said, you will need to work closely with pet owners all throughout treatment. And although it could be challenging for everyone involved, especially in severe cases, being detailed with care instructions and thorough in your treatment would certainly make it easier on everyone involved.

When the Going Gets Tough: Preparing for Hospital Emergencies

Female doctor on her office deskA hospital is the first place that should be ready for emergencies. After all, it has a designated emergency room for patients who require immediate medical attention. But what if there is an unusual number of patients pouring in at a particular time? How can hospitals cope?

Emergency Equipment

There’s nothing worse than having patients and not having anywhere to put them. If you’ve run out of space in the emergency room, you may transfer those who have already been given preliminary treatment to any of the available rooms in the hospital. You should also have additional Datascope monitors from Medical Equipment Sales Associates, Inc. to use for the influx of patients. Checking their vitals is one of the most important things to do during an emergency.

Always on Standby

Sadly, these days there are so many situations that can lead to a great number of patients requiring treatment. Public shootings near your area can never be predicted, and a slow day can easily turn into a sad day if you don’t have enough doctors on standby. Make sure you have the numbers of doctors you can call in for the emergency, and that they have had enough rest so they can perform well. The last thing you need are doctors who are not giving patients the treatment they deserve.

Mind the Essentials

After a fire, earthquake or any other natural calamity, there might be a shortage of essentials in the hospital. For times like this, you should always have an emergency stash of sanitized materials and equipment. Basics such as soap, cotton pads, and gauze should also be plentiful. Your hospital should not run out of water, as well. Always check the supply of these essentials.

Any hospital can be equipped to care for patients on a regular day, but given the unpredictable nature of accidents and natural calamities, you need to be prepared at all times.

Fear-Free Animal Clinics: Vets Take the “Pet” Out of Petrified

Teen boy takes his dog to the veterinarianTrips to the veterinarian can be stressful for pets. The anxiety of four-legged creatures often manifests in higher heart rates, a spike in blood pressure, and dilating eyes. For animals, coping with stress is not only an unpleasant experience — it could also exacerbate trauma or illness. In some cases, severe stress can also affect an animal’s physiology so much that it could skew test results.

Veterinarians are coming up with a new approach to administering care called the Fear-Free Movement. The initiative entails removing things in the vet’s office that contribute to fear, such as white lab coats and harsh lights.

Reducing Stress Factors for Pets

Receiving treatment at an animal clinic is like the human equivalent of alien abduction. The clinical environment at a vet feels foreign and could cause a significant amount of stress for pets. While animal doctors can do a good job of fixing a broken bone and performing surgery, experts believe that the behavioral aspect of the treatment is lacking. As a result, vets are responsible for ensuring that their practice is conducive to pet care.

Dignified and Calming Treatment

Making treatments dignified and calming for pets translates to the best kind of pet care. Stress and anxiety, after all, cause several physical and mental problems for animals. Fortunately, there are many ways vets can make their offices more pleasant for pets. These include:

  • Painting walls in pastel colors and having staff wear similar-colored lab coats. White colors can intimidate pets.
  • Removing old fluorescent or buzzing lights. Some animals are sensitive to the noise from old fixtures.
  • Avoiding the use of cold, slippery metal surfaces for animal exams. Yoga mats are a more comfortable alternative.
  • Offering sedation treatment instead of resorting to muzzles or restraints to keep pets calm.

Enriching pet care is possible with the help of the fear-free vet initiative. Companies like Positive Impressions, LLC, believe that along with using promotional products for veterinary clinics, more targeted care will lead to positive and long-lasting relationships with their clientele.

Animal well-being is a necessity. The fear-free movement allows for enhanced pet care through a comforting clinical environment.

Save Yourself: 3 Critical Reasons to Avoid DIY Braces

Woman smiling with bracesTeenagers can be conscious about their looks, and it is understandable. With the peer pressure, group trends and even school clichés that they deal with, issues about their hair, weight and teeth can push them to do extreme measures.

One of them is the growing trend of do-it-yourself braces.

Practices like Smile Spa agree that DIY orthodontics should never be a replacement for professional orthodontic work. Why?

You Save Yourself the Pain

"Vloggers" who have posted how-to videos about DIY braces do admit that DIY braces are painful. While the same is true for professional orthodontics, you cannot precisely create a DIY fix for your teeth due to your botched amateur work. Meanwhile, dentists and orthodontists are licensed to prescribe the right kind of painkillers for you once they have already applied your braces.

You Save Yourself Extra Cost

Many DIY braces users mention the significant savings they get with these homemade versions. However, the internal damage done to the teeth, gums and jaw can cost you much more in the long run.

Unprofessional tampering of your teeth can eventually cause long-term damage, and can eventually lead to a more expensive professional fix in the future.

You Save Yourself From Harm

The materials used for DIY braces are mostly cheap household items that are dangerous when ingested. These include rubber bands and paper clips. It does not matter if it is only staying in your mouth for only two weeks, it is still risky and hazardous. When you get clear braces from a licensed orthodontist, it may mean six or more months of waiting, but it is still a safer option.

Very few will be willing to be driven around by a non-licensed driver; therefore it does not make sense to have an amateur ‘correct’ smiles. Dentists and orthodontists have gone through years of training and experience to fix oral and dental problems safely. Remember, it is foolish to put your smile at risk. After all, you would not do the same for the rest of your body parts.

Top Shows in Sentosa for the Family

Happy family on an outdoor adventureSentosa has a lot of fun and physically engaging activities that your children can enjoy. From hopping on a surfboard and riding man-made waves to flying in the air and learning how to trapeze, the selection is seems endless.

If you are looking for more laid back kids’ activities in Sentosa, though, there is a wide array of exciting shows around the island. You and your kids can simply sit back and enjoy pure entertainment! To get you started, here is a list of shows in Sentosa you can check out.

CHEF: Bibimbap vs. Chilli Crab

A Singaporean twist in the Korean show “Bibap” showcases impressive live b-boying and beatboxing skills to tell the story of a competition between Singaporean and Korean chefs. Packing cool choreography and rich musical beats, audiences will be captivated from start to finish.

Crane Dance

Watch the unconventional magical love story between two mechanical cranes and how their love leads to a Pinocchio-esque happy ending in the Crane Dance. The show uses world-class light and water effects, as well as ground-breaking audio-visual technology to capture your imagination. Catch Crane Dance before they fly away!

Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams is a free entertainment spectacle that showcases water cannons, laser special effects and flaming dragons! It is a dramatic show that transforms the Sentosa’s Festive Walk from day to night.

K-Live Sentosa

In the mood for some high-tech entertainment? Well, the K-Live Sentosa show is a hologram theatre that features famous K-pop stars. It is a cutting-edge show that allows both audiences and performers to interact with each other. It is something you simply shouldn’t miss.

Sentosa is truly the State of Fun. From beatboxing chefs to dancing mechanical cranes, there are many shows you can check out on the island during your visit.

Common Causes and Risk Factors of Binge Eating Disorders

Binge EatingDo you feel like you are losing control when you start eating your lunch? Perhaps you promise to control your food consumption, but then you are unable to do so?

If you constantly experience uncontrollable desires to devour your meal, you may be suffering from binge eating disorder symptoms. This is one of the most common eating problems in the United States and finds treatment in institutions such as EDCare.

Statistics show that it has increasing prevalence among young children, adolescents, and adults. Thus, it is important to understand the causes of this condition to provide proper management. A person gets BED from a combination of genetic, psychological, and social risk factors.


If you have positive family history of BED, you have a threefold risk of developing the same condition. It may occur as a genetic mutation that stimulates the part of the brain that stimulates frequent eating. The brain also has innate underproduction of serotonin, a hormone that regulates hunger.

Hence, the brain transmits signals that you still have an empty stomach despite regular food consumption.

Social Environment

Social factors, especially during childhood, play a significant role among individuals with BED. If parents constantly reward their children with food, they set an environment that fosters binge eating.

As you grow up, if you are accustomed to food intake as a means of stress reliever, you may also tend to eat uncontrollably without regard for the consequences.

Bullying during childhood is another major factor that contributes to BED. Frequent criticisms of your weight may decrease your self-esteem, which then results in poor compensatory behavior to stress.

Binge eating disorder is a life-threatening condition that may affect men and women. Persistence of this disorder increases your risk of developing anxiety and depression in the future. You also develop a higher likelihood of heart disease, gastric malignancy, and stroke.

Thus, it is crucial to seek immediate treatment with a psychiatrist who can address your problems even during the initial stages of BED.

What You Can Learn from a Barber School in Utah

Barber at WorkStudying and training to become a barber involves spending hours both in the classroom and in a practical or clinical setup. You’ll have 150 hours in the classroom and 850 hours of clinical training. In some states like Utah, there are additional required hours for apprenticeship before you can become a full-fledged barber.

Learning more about what’s included in both setups means you have to enroll in a hair school in Utah. Aside from the proper way of cutting hair and shaving beard in school, you’ll also learn about the following:

The Basics

Styling, shaving, and hair cutting are the first three skills that you’ll learn as a barber, some of which you may even learn at home on your own.

However, other basics of barber training also tackle hair care and treatment, and surprisingly, manicuring and skin care or facials.These are important because your clients will most likely ask for advice on how they can properly take care of their hair and what products they can safely use. On the other hand, you might get requests for facials and manicure as well.

The Science

In barber school, you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of human hair. This can help you better understand how hair grows so you can recommend the most suitable hair treatment and products for your clients.

You’ll also learn about chemical procedures, how to create your own solutions, and how to properly apply them to your client’s hair.You’ll also learn about sanitation and hygiene, which instills sanitary disciplines. You always have to use clean equipment to avoid infection.

Business and Legal Matters

Of course, a hair school in Utah will teach you about proper interpersonal communication. This way, you know how to speak to your clients. More importantly, you’ll learn how to put up your barbershop in barber training.

While it may not seem like it, being a barber is a profitable career. To be successful in it, you must arm yourself with the proper skills and knowledge.

Common Facts about Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis and Knee Injuries

joint painBillions of specialized cells make up the human body. They form particular organs, such as your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin and brain. These cells undergo a regenerative and degenerative process every day.

As each of the older cells dies, new cells from stem cells take its place. These have a distinct ability to develop several kinds of other cells. Problems, however, arise when these tissues suffer injury because the degenerative process will surpass the regenerative process.

Regenerative medicine, describes, holds the promise to turn back the clocks on injury and age-related conditions. Stem cell therapy, including ones for knees, is a part of this medical discipline.

Regularly Treated Knee Injuries and Conditions

The most common knee conditions and injuries used to treat platelet or stem cells are cartilage damage, hamstrings tendinopathy and biceps femoris insertional tendinopathy. It can heal knee instability, meniscus tear, patellar tendonitis, baker’s cyst, pes anersine bursitis and chondomalacia.

Moreover, it can also treat arthritis or osteoarthritis, as well as, LCL, PCL, ACL, MCL tear or sprain.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Patients

The non-surgical stem cell injection process occurs within just a day. It can even serve as a feasible backup plan for patients who have to face joint replacement surgery. After the procedure, they can just go back to doing normal activities.

The patients will be able to avoid long and painful rehabilitation process usually needed to regain range-of-motion, strength and mobility after undergoing invasive joint surgeries. Moreover, these patients will encounter fewer risks usually associated with surgeries, like blood clots and infections.

Stem cell therapy involves using one’s own stem cells to assist in the healing process of degenerated or injured joints. This is why more patients are switching to this alternative to avoid risky surgeries.

Ways to Recovery After Your Dental Implant Treatment

Single Tooth ImplantAccording to a study from King’s College London, about 10,000 mandibular (lower jaw) dental implant treatments are conducted every single year in the United Kingdom (UK).

Osseointegration is a process wherein the recently installed dental implants fuse with the gum tissue and jawbone. This process takes a long time, that’s why the total healing time for dental implant patients is usually about 9 months. A faster recovery means not having to suffer from any post-surgery complications that can extend the whole healing process. If you recently underwent a dental implant treatment, here are some tips on how to recover faster.

1. Take medications as instructed.

During your first few weeks, even months, of healing, you will be instructed to take some medication for the pain. Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions on how to take the right dosage for any uncomfortable sensation you might experience post-surgery. It is important to not exceed the recommended dosage.

2. Eat the right kind of soft foods.

Getting dental implants are like getting braces—you won’t be able to eat hard or tough food for some time. Avoid eating foods that have hard crumbs that can easily get stuck between the sutures. Try to consume soft, nutritional foods such as eggs, yogurt, soup and mashed vegetables (such as sweet potatoes and carrots.) Of course, it can be difficult to go on for months eating only soft foods. When deciding what to eat, always go for food that does not require much chewing.

3. Practice good oral hygiene.

Keeping your mouth clean is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a faster and complete recovery. There are special dental implant cleaning tools you can purchase; however, what’s most important is to be gentle in cleaning the parts that recently underwent surgery.

Towards Faster Recovery

During the healing process, you might be asked to go back for follow-up appointments. It is important to keep in touch with your dentist who will ensure that you are healing properly. Use this time to ask your dentist for more advice on how to recover faster. You should also ask them additional information about your new dental implants.

Cooking Awesome Lobster for a Romantic Valentine’s Dinner

LobstersOne of the best ways to impress your partner this Valentine’s Day is by showing them how good you are in the kitchen. With seafood demanding a lot of precision and dedication to make, a detailed lobster dish sounds like a great way to get the romance brewing.

A Lobster Recipe to Get You Started

All you need to get right is the necessary steps in making an amazing lobster dish and some trusty lobster base. You can get a decent lobster recipe and get down to the business of cooking as soon you can. Common mistakes people make when following recipes is approximating the measurements and substituting ingredients and cooking time. While improvisation is great, following the recipe to the latter is mandatory if you want to accomplish the outlined results.

Always Try Out the Recipe Before the D-Day

Tasting the recipe before calling in visitors gives you a chance to know the result of the dish and do adjustments before someone has to taste your food. Couple this with the fact the recipe will be engraved into your mind and you won’t have to refer on that great day and you get the right shot at being the professional cook you say you are.

Don’t Forget the Candles and Chocolate

As it is all about Valentine’s, ignoring the candles and the chocolates would be catastrophic. Turn off the lights and make it a candle lit dinner. Putting the chocolate in the desert will add some flair to the meal and save you the predictable chocolate bar gift concept.

Cooking dinner shows that you are willing to take things a notch higher and give personalized care to your soul mate. It is a great way to spend this Valentine’s especially if you are engaged or thinking of doing so soon.