Why Many Want Botox Rather than Natural Anti-wrinkle Remedies

Anti Aging Treatment in Cuffley

Wrinkles are often the first signs of ageing. Many people are desperate to get rid of them permanently, and most wish they did not ever have to worry about them. There are many anti-wrinkle remedies on the market, both expensive designer products and more mundane household items.

The easy-to-find, household remedies include aloe vera, ginger and olive oil, and many people swear by them. One of the best treatments for wrinkles, however, can’t be found on a household shelf. It is Botox.

Like a Visit to the Dentist

Until only a few years ago, Botox was frowned on by those who advocated ‘natural beauty’, and celebrities vehemently denied undergoing the treatment.  More recently, however, many are openly asking for the treatment. It seems to have become as mundane as a visit to a dental practice such as Cuffley Village Dental Practice, which offers it as part of their array of treatments and services.

Botox treatment involves injecting the affected area of wrinkled skin with small amounts of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Often used as a medical treatment for muscular conditions, it has become more popularly known for its cosmetic effects. It temporarily paralyses facial muscles to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

Starting Young

The accessibility of Botox has changed the way many people see it, and now the treatment is no longer something people hide or deny. High-profile personalities, including Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore and Simon Cowell have all admitted to having the treatment, which has made it seem normal.

While marketed as an anti-aging treatment, Botox fans have become younger. A 2012 article from The Daily Mail featured women in their mid-twenties who underwent the treatment. Most of them claimed their providers encouraged them to start young, to avoid the risk of permanent wrinkles on their faces. Cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Karen McKeown, shared that she had patients as young as 19 years old asking for Botox.

She concluded that both the young and more mature demographic opt for the treatment for reasons for vanity.  It is their way to look desirable and to prevent the years from showing.

Why Botox

With its endorsement by celebrities, Botox is fast becoming the beauty choice for women of all ages who want to hide the effects of time. It puts them in the same league as Kylie Minogue and Kim Kardashian, as far as beauty treatments are concerned.

In addition, regardless of how well the treatment works when compared to other remedies, it is administered by doctors, promoted by celebrities and is already seen by many as a normal part of a visit to the dentist. For them, the question may not be why Botox is the treatment of choice but, why not?


The Ecosystem of EDs: Cooperation or Death

emergency operation
In the most extreme of situations, most people are out of their comfort zones, plunged into a disaster where their true character will show. This is what emergency room staff sees almost daily: relatives on the end of their tether because of an accident, children trying to help their ailing parent and 911 nurses trying to keep death at bay. This is civilized chaos at its best, though, at times, it becomes a lot harder to maintain order.

There’s no such thing as out of control for a well-prepped emergency department. Everybody learns to move fast and think quick, all for preserving the little life left in stretchered individuals. What details ER personnel is a lack of flow. Disruption in any step means losing precious seconds that means life or death in the emergency bay.

Everybody Has a Job to Do

It’s not news that a mix of man and machine makes for the best emergency rooms, but everyone should know their responsibilities. It’s an ecosystem; administrative staff can’t exist without a physician team, a physician team can’t exist without ER nurses, and the list goes on.

On the other hand, the entire staff has one major common priority: to maintain two-way communications. Those who need to delegate must know who to address, and those in charge must have a way of receiving feedbacks and reports, the creation of which Emergency Staffing Solutions handle through emergency department management tools. These will help in identifying issues in patient and internal processes.

What’s the Difference?

Sorting the many unseen weaknesses in an emergency room will probably increase the life expectancy in a certain area, but in more measurable terms, it means shaving minutes off door-to-door of ER patients. Remove the bottlenecks, and you’ll be looking at 20 minutes of treatment instead of an hour. In addition, breaking down communication barriers improves patient flow and the level of care, as well.

Nevertheless, all these hinges on proper implementation. The adjustment period will lead to a decrease in efficiency, and this is why strategies are important. It’s to reduce the impact of acclimatizing to the new tools and ensure care delivery is still at its optimum.

It all depends on everyone to create an ED that saves lives. Each job plays an important role in the whole system, and with everyone’s cooperation, it’s easier to implement measures to maximize space, the physicians’ expertise and practices.

Invisalign: Fun and Useful Facts Things

Cosmetic DentistryThere is a saying that a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. No wonder a lot of people value their smile and take good care of their teeth. Visits to the dentists and regular maintenance might not be enough; some people need the help of cosmetic dentistry treatments such as Invisalign.

Things you need to know about Invisalign before having them

  1. It is clear and removable.

The goal of Invisalign is to fix your set of teeth like traditional braces. However, unlike metal braces, Invisalign is clear, which means less socially awkward situations because you have wires in your mouth. Invisaligns are practically removable! However, you need to have them on for at least 22 hours a day for better results.

  1. It is painless!

No need for tear-jerking pain from your monthly braces adjustments because Invisalign is pain-free. Surely, discomfort might be felt on the first few days, but it is practically lesser and more tolerable than twisting the wires in your mouth.

  1. Brushing is your new best friend.

People who have Invisalign learn to develop good oral hygiene because even after it is removed. Brushing your teeth after every meal is a must as you don’t want food to linger in your Invisalign and cause stains and sticks in between the gaps.

  1. Insurance

Invisalign treatment is usually covered by your insurance. You would need to check with your agency regarding the extent of the inclusion in the coverage.

  1. Accidental weight loss contributor

Who needs South Beach Diet when you have Invisalign? Although cases vary, patients who have Invisalign have experienced weight loss because of a change in their eating habits due to the food limitation and frequency in brushing.

Still wondering why your friends rush to get Invisalign from your dentist in Nottingham? It’s because it is definitely worth it.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Braces

Choosing Your BracesIf you are thinking about having braces then you are likely to already have some questions in your mind about how this will impact your life. The ultimate goal is to have a positive effect in the long run but the process can still require some commitment and so it is worth doing as much research as you can before you start your journey.

The best thing you can do to begin with is choose a dental practice that you are comfortable with. When you visit a clinic like Simply Teeth in Essex, you want to feel able to ask all of your questions. You want to get well explained answers that offer transparency around the process and advise you on the benefits and challenges of options like Invisalign. This article considers a couple of the factors you might take into account.


It is a fact of life that looks are important. They can affect the way you put yourself into the world and how you behave in certain professional and social situations. Getting your teeth straightened can be a powerful decision to enhance the way you feel about your look but what about while you are undergoing treatment? The dental industry has been responding to the patient need for more discreet braces and you can now get equipment like Invisalign aligners which are clear and fit over the top of the teeth to achieve the straightening process. They are unobtrusive and many people will not even notice that you are wearing them.


Your dentist will help you to make the teeth straightening process as comfortable as possible. It will likely still cause some sensations in your mouth as the body and braces work together to change the pattern of your teeth. Invisalign move the teeth slowly and gently to mitigate discomfort and they are focused on the front teeth which are visible when you smile so there is less overall movement to cause you discomfort. Additionally, they are smooth on the outside so the soft tissue on the inside of you cheeks will not be exposed to sometimes uncomfortable metalwork.

How to Make the Decision to Get Dental Implants

Get Dental ImplantsMany dental fixes take some time and commitment and, for most people, dental implants are one of those. This means they need careful consideration and planning before going ahead. However, once the work is complete, you have a fixed, long term and low maintenance solution to the issue of missing teeth.

A good dentist such as Sheen Dental in Richmond will be able to advise you on the benefits and challenges of any treatment you are considering. This means you can make an informed choice about whether to go ahead. Whilst a qualified professional can go over all the factors with you, here are some considerations to take into account when you are thinking about dental implants.

Jaw bone health

Your jaw bone supports the dental implants and so it needs to be of sufficient density to be able to do this. If you are aware of deterioration or, for some reason, have not been fully utilising your jaw bone because you have been working with something like dentures as a solution so far then talk to your dentist. They can take a look and advise you. It may be that something like a bone graft can be suggested even if you do not currently have the required composition.

Your general health

Generally, once dental implants have been fitted, there is a healing period that takes place. During this time, you can only eat a very limited, soft diet and so you do need to be in good general health to have implants fitted so that you can undergo this recovery period. Also, there are some medical conditions that are contraindicated so your dentist will go through your health information with you.

How many implants you want

Sometimes, the best solution for a single missing tooth may not be dental implants because the process can be quite lengthy. It is often more worthwhile when you are considering replacing more than one tooth. The good news, however, is that you do not usually need to have teeth removed or filed down in order to have implants fitted. They are not supported by your remaining teeth and so do not put extra strain on them.

Binge Eating Disorder: Why People Suffer from it and How You Can Get Help

Eating DisorderBinge eating is a serious but silent problem that many people have to deal with. Binge eaters are not necessarily overweight but could be. More often than not, this disorder affects women more than men. Those experiencing binge eating suffers from depression, guilt, anxiety, and even shame. 

The Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of binge eating disorder include:

  • Eating a lot of food over a short period
  • Feeling that this behavior cannot be controlled
  • Eating even when not hungry
  • Eating fast during an episode
  • Eating alone and in secret
  • Feeling bad after eating and getting upset
  • Dieting often without losing any weight

People who binge eats don’t exercise to burn extra calories. They may try to diet occasionally and eat normally, but cannot stick to a program. They fall back into their old eating patterns. The severity of this problem can be determined by how often a person binge eats during a week.

The Causes

There are no known causes for this disorder. Medical experts say that genetics and psychological issues and biological factors might be playing important roles, increasing a person’s risk for binge eating.

What Can You Do

If a person thinks that they have all the symptoms of this disorder or notice it about a loved one, medical intervention is necessary. This disorder doesn’t go away or get better on its own. Many binge eaters become good at hiding their problem and live in denial.

The best thing to do is offer support, get them medical help, and set an appointment with a mental health specialist. Having an open discussion about the issue and voicing one’s concern will go a long way in the person accepting help.

Reasons Your Hardwood Flooring is Easily Damaged

Wood FlooringWood has this kind of charm that will make you feel warm. Its earthy hues have this aura that tells you you’re home. As such, wood has always been a top choice when it comes to home building materials. Its appeal can be easily integrated into your home in more ways than one. It’s always been a material of choice for flooring.

Wooden flooring gives your home that rustic look and feel. It becomes more beautiful over the years. It can stand the test of time, provided that you take care of it properly. When you hardwood flooring starts to get damaged, there are a few factors that are in play.

Companies specializing in hardwood floor refinishing in Newport Beach, CA lists down the most common causes:

Wrong Installation

Before installing the wooden flooring, you have to make sure that your measurements are exact and accurate, a specialist from Thehardwoodflooringco.com reminds. Otherwise, some boards run the risk of being loose. Loose floorboards provide room for moisture, which in turn will eat away at the underside of the wood. Pests, like insects, may also dwell within the loose floorboards.

The Load

The appliances and pieces of furniture in your space can also take a toll on your wooden flooring. The weight may chip the wood or cause the crack on the surface. Dragging these loads across the room may also cause indelible scratches.


Warm and humid weather can cause the wood to expand. If this continues, the wood may get soft, which can make it vulnerable to cracks and other damages. On the flip side, the wood may contract during cold weather. To counter the effects of humidity, you can use a dehumidifier in your room.

Wood is a top choice when it comes to making your home more beautiful. Keep these tips in mind to make your wood last longer.

Liposuction vs. Coolsculpting: Which is Better?

Liposuction in UtahPeople struggle with size and image. Sometimes, medical intervention is needed to help people achieve their ideal size. That is why the rise of medical procedures such as liposuction and Coolsculpting in Utah did not come as a surprise. Here is a quick overview of the two procedures to help you decide which is better for you, shared by Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic

Coolsculpting vs. liposuction 

Liposuction and Coolsculpting both have one goal — to remove body fat. But their means of achieving this goal varies.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure where incisions under the skin are made and a tool is used to suck out unwanted fats. It is the most common medical procedure in the cosmetic field because it yields high and fast results. However, because of its surgical nature, surgical risks, as well as surface irregularities, are possible.

Coolsculpting, as the name suggests, uses a “cooling” method to remove fat. Unlike liposuction, it is a non-invasive, non-surgical approach. The Coolsculpting machine is attached to your body with the use of gel pads to protect your skin.

Once attached, it slowly cools down and numbs the body part completely. Fats in the treated part will be crystallized because of the extremely cold temperature and will slowly break down and be released from your body in 2 months’ time. 

Which is better for you?

Health professionals are the best candidate to determine which procedure is more suitable for your body type. But there are also other things worthy of considering before doing such procedures. Consider the time involved. Coolsculpting involves a series of treatments while liposuction is usually done with just one go.

 Consider your recovery time as well. Your skin elasticity also matters. Once the fats are removed, skin can either stretch back to normal or sag down. Different procedures have different effects and you should be aware and ready for it. Lastly, do not forget to consider the cost.

Now that you have an idea on what to expect from these two procedures, it is time to consult with your doctor and seek professional advice which one is better for you. 

Cosmetic Dental Treatments to Save Your Money for

Cosmetic Dental Treatment In GlenviewIt is not that difficult to keep your mouth healthy. Watch your diet and see your dentist for cleaning and consultation. Brush your teeth regularly and floss at least once every day. You can keep your natural teeth for life if you know how to take good care of them. By investing on preventative dental care, there is no need to spend more than you can afford for the treatment of oral health issues.

What else can you do to improve your smile?

Now, it might interest you to know there are other dental services you can avail of to keep your mouth healthy and make your smile ten times brighter and more confident. Here are some of the most highly in demand cosmetic dental treatments worth saving money for.

While general practice dentists in Glenview offers basic services, they are also capable of providing cosmetic services and catering exclusively to clients who wish to improve the appearance of their teeth.  

Top cosmetic treatments to save money for

Cosmetic dentistry is founded on teeth whitening. Well, at least in terms of popularity, nothing beats whitening treatments. You can even buy products containing active compounds that can whiten teeth after a few applications. However, if you wish to be sure you are getting your money’s worth, go for whitening solutions offered in dental offices.

Veneers are alternatives to whitening compounds. These porcelain pieces are most appropriate in cases where the stain on the enamel is irreversible. If there are structural problems like chipping, veneers are definitely a better option than basic whitening treatments. When the problem is a damaged tooth, then you may opt for crowns instead of veneers. Crowns are more expensive, and are available in different materials, including metal, ceramics, or resin.

When you have decided you want to improve your smile, then you can start saving up for the most advisable treatment. Compare options and weigh the pros and cons with your dentist. Compare costs as well, and find the most reasonable dental service near your area.

3 Tricks to Get Your Children to Enjoy Brushing their Teeth

Oral Health in AvonMany kids hate brushing their teeth, giving their parents a real challenge. Though children often resist this activity, it is their best armor against tooth decay and other dental problems. So, it is essential that parents do their best to get their kids to enjoy brushing their teeth.

Moms and dads, here are some tricks you can do to make brushing fun for your kids:

  1. Sing the Alphabet or any Nursery Song

Children often associate singing the alphabet or other nursery songs with their fun time at the daycare. So, play the songs every time the kids are brushing their teeth and you will later notice that they’re having fun doing it. In addition, the nursery songs are usually two minutes long – the exact same time recommended for people to brush their teeth so the fluoride would take effect. Gentle Dentist and other family dentists in Avon say the songs can serve as a timer.

  1. Let Them Bring their Favorite Toy

In the comfort of their toys, children would be more relaxed doing activities. Let your children bring their favorite toy when brushing teeth. Have them brush the teeth of their doll or stuffed animal too for more fun.

  1. Have a Bubbles Contest

Most dentists say that many bubbles in your kids’ mouth while brushing teeth is a sign that they are brushing well. So, have a bubble contest between you and your kids. Just don’t forget to give a prize to the one who created the most bubbles so that they’ll be encouraged to brush well every after a meal.

By doing these three tricks, you’ll definitely notice a difference in your children’s attitude towards brushing their teeth. If they continue to resist brushing, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist for help.