The Growing Role of Speech Recognition in Healthcare

The Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare IndustryMedical professionals and healthcare providers underscore the importance of assembling a complete and accurate medical history of a patient. This allows them to understand what is wrong with the patient and quickly prescribe proper treatment.

The healthcare industry abounds with different sets of challenges at almost every turn, oftentimes leaving medical professionals panicky. Among the dilemmas that many health professionals face is the demanding task of recording what patients say about their condition. In some cases, medical professionals spend a lot of time entering data in electronic health records to keep track of a patient’s physical state. Recent developments in technology are helping physicians with useful tools like the EMR speech recognition software, which help them with patient care.

What Does it Do?

Speech recognition software integrates directly into major EMR platforms, allowing doctors to speak freely and having the software transcribe what they say. In a way, it functions like a digital assistant, which automatically writes down a physician’s statement directly into the EMR. This is a major departure from the usual method of having to take down notes and transcribing those notes into an EMR application. The American Health Information Management Association reveals that by using this technology, the entire process is streamlined, making it faster and more accurate.

How Does it Help?

A comprehensive medical history can help doctors determine what is wrong with the patient. Keeping complete documentation and constantly updating it is very important. With the speech recognition function of an electronic medical record application, doctors can simply talk and let their words be captured by the software. They can easily assemble a clearer and more accurate medical history of the patient. When the need arises, they can always refer back to this record to understand what could be ailing the patient.

What are the Other Benefits?

According to the US National Library of Medicine, speech recognition reduces transcription time and costs. In fact, aside from quickly documenting an accurate and complete medical history of the patient, doctors can forget about getting professional transcription services. If you are a doctor, what do you need transcribers for when you can assemble a complete medical history yourself? This way, there is no need to pay transcription fees, which effectively brings down the cost patients need to pay for their healthcare.

Another major benefit of using EMR with speech recognition technology is it allows doctors to build better relationships with their patients. People who seek medical attention expect and trust their doctors to give them the right diagnosis. With a complete medical narrative of the patient, medical professionals could quickly decide how to treat them best. This builds a better doctor-patient relationship, thereby improving the quality of healthcare overall.

Do Yourself a Favour: Have Your Teeth Cleaned Professionally

Dental CleaningYou brush your teeth twice or even thrice a day and floss every once in a while. Is that enough, though? Apparently, brushing and flossing are not enough to keep your pearly whites clean and healthy. Professional dental cleaning is necessary for your overall dental and oral health.

Here are the reasons:

It helps prevent tooth loss

The build-up of plaque may lead to gum disease, one of the major culprits behind tooth loss. When gum disease develops, the plaque spreads to the adjacent teeth and affects the supporting bone in the jaw. When this happens, the affected teeth will eventually loosen and fall out.

This may be prevented with regular dental cleaning. According to clinics offering teeth cleaning in Croydon, it is highly important to remove plaque build-up that might be hiding in your mouth for years. Otherwise, you may lose your chompers anytime soon.

It helps improve your smile

Dental cleaning not only targets plaque, but stains as well. This is why people who drink coffee, tea, or wine and those who smoke tobacco may benefit from such service. When these stains are removed, it will reveal the natural whiteness and sparkle of your teeth. This results to a brighter and more attractive smile. It may as well be your key to a more confident version of yourself.

It helps fight bad breath

When plaque and bacteria are removed from your teeth, it can significantly make your entire mouth cleaner and odour-free. If you are looking for ways to freshen your breath, it must be time to try dental cleaning. Remember, however, that good oral hygiene is one of the best ways to combat bad breath.

It may detect oral cancer

Oral cancer is a serious condition that must be treated immediately. When you go to the clinic on a regular basis, your dentist may screen you for that.

Consult with a qualified dental professional to learn more about dental cleaning.

Early Onset Mental Illness Grows to Be a Nightmare for Young People

Mental IllnessYou’d expect people who lost their fortune, who lost a beloved family member or went through a divorce to experience major depression. They are well aware of what an event means, and it gives them a reason to see a bleak future.

Not with kids, though, never with kids; or so we thought.

By 2009, the US government estimated that there are two million children suffering from major depression. A more troubling statistic followed: the cost of handling this demographic’s mental health issues, and their substance abuse, is $247 billion. The quarter-trillion fee is one thing, but for kids 14 and below to have such a problem is terrifying. In many ways, their problems will define society in the near future.

This is why, for parents, it’s paramount to tackle the mental issues of children as early as possible. It’s because when early onset psychological problems linger, it will become a nightmare when they become adolescents. Leaving them alone to figure how to get past this untouchable condition leads to them creating their own ways to cope, which includes self-harm.

Help is Available

When big institutions like Intermountain LDS Hospital offer dedicated behavioural health services, access will be universal and visible. If anything will help children and parents deal with this problem, it’s professional and personalised intervention. Someone has to look after them, know what they’re going through and try to treat it.

More than that, there are convenient ways to help them cope with their condition. Pets, for one, is something people with mental illness say help them the most. Again, the unconditional love of animals comes out on top. “[Pets] don’t look at the scars on your arms,” said Helen Brooks, the head of the study. “They don’t question where you’ve been.”

A Stranger’s Perspective

It’s hard to see the world people with mental illness see, but you can notice what it does to them. On the other hand, it’s a stigma. It’s a harmful back-and-forth where people are aware, but they pass judgement because they don’t know what it’s really like to live with a mental problem.

In the end, the judgment of strangers shouldn’t define a parent’s action over the mental issues of their children. It’s stunts young people, and thus, treat it like a regular illness: seek help and make them feel connected to the world.

Are Dental Implants for You?

Dental ImplantIt is unfortunate if you need to have teeth replaced but, happily, advances in dental care mean that there are many options available and many of these are close enough to the real thing that you can smile again with ease. For some people, it is even helpful to see what an implant looks like and your dentist will be happy to show you. It will look like a tiny cylinder or screw and this is fitted into your jaw bone to act in a similar way to the root of a tooth in terms of holding the tooth, in this case, a synthetic one in place and helping it to work in concert with the jaw bone to make chewing, speaking and smiling as normal as possible. You will hardly need to take any time to get used to them before you forget they are there and settle into the idea of having teeth again.

What to expect from your dental implant provider

Your dentist needs to strike a balance to give you the best in dental care. They need to be flexible around patient needs but absolutely consistent when it comes to codes of practice and hygiene. They may be traditional in their values around how people need to be treated when they are partaking of a service but up to date on all modern state-of-the-art equipment and dental treatments. They need to be able to offer you the best you can afford with fair finance options but be able to meet the needs of most budgets. When you visit a practice like Blue Sky Dentistry in Belfast you should expect to be able to find these expectations met and exceeded.

Dental implants are a great, secure option for replacing missing teeth. Your dentist will be able to assess you for suitability. If you are in good health and your jaw bone has the requisite composition to hold the implants then they can be considered at any age. The process will be fully explained to you and you will get a chance to ask questions during your consultation so it is a good idea to have any you need to ask in your head before you go.

Fetal Monitoring: How it Changes the Pregnancy Game

Fetal MonitoringKeeping your health and your baby’s health from conception until delivery is every pregnant woman’s priority. However, there would be times when the whole pregnancy journey does not go as smoothly as planned. Thanks to modern technology, tools and devices to prevent incidents are already available.

What is electronic fetal monitoring?

A regular prenatal check-up is necessary to monitor the growth of the baby inside the womb. Despite regular monitoring before labor, however, the baby is still at risk. Thus, the need to monitor the infant during labor through electronic fetal monitoring, frequency of contractions, and heart rate. With a contraction monitor, says that your doctors can detect any abnormalities immediately during labor (i.e. a baby is distressed due to lack of oxygen).

Monitoring takes place by attaching devices on your belly while you’re at rest. These records the contractions, the movements of your baby, and their heartbeat. The information is then recorded in the database off sent through your phone.

What are the benefits of electronic fetal monitoring?

As it is a fairly new in the field of medical technology, the reviews regarding the use of the electronic fetal monitor is still not as massive. However, many doctors agree that monitoring contractions and heart rates should take place intermittently instead of continuously.

Aside from being able to detect abnormalities as early as possible, electronic fetal monitoring can help mothers in labor feel more relaxed and at ease. In fact, there are cases when soon-to-be mothers feel calmer when they hear their baby’s heartbeat.

Truly, the advancements in medical technology are becoming massive. The only way to know which method and tools are the best for you and your child is through consulting your health professionals.

The Potentials of Multi-Practice Health Professionals

Health ProfessionalsIf your health insurance allows it, of course, you will want the services of a specialist doctor instead of a general physician. It makes all the sense; well at least decades ago when health problems were still manageable.

For this reason, Revere Health suggests you consider a multi-practice or a group practice instead. Not only do these practices have a specialist on board, everyone in the firm is an expert in different fields.

With this in mind, you can be certain that no matter what disease or condition you have, they will have the solution. To know more about this type of medical organization, then read on!

The Economics of Complex Health Care Market

Multi-practices exist to address the increasing complexity of the health and wellness sphere. Compared to solo practices, these groups all have doctors and medical professionals who are experts in their particular fields. This means it’s a one-stop shop for any kind of medical requirements so you don’t have to visit lots of doctors to get the cure you need. It’s an effective way of ensuring that you receive the best healthcare possible.

Talent Pooling

Another great thing about multi-practices is you can be rest assured of a faster time in diagnosis as every health professional you will ever need is in one place. With the combined talents of the doctors, it’s like having the entire capabilities of a hospital focus on your recovery. Now that’s something that will not only help you get back on your feet, but also make you feel good.


Since group practices are simply consolidated specialties, there’s no need for you to form arrangements with every medical service you require. Therefore, you can directly negotiate and determine your medical bills upfront, saving you the trouble of going to clinics and clinics just to get a rundown of your expenses.

Two or more specialty doctors are obviously way better than one. For a complete healthcare focus, nothing beats what a multi-practice can provide.

How to Stay Healthy During a Medical Internship

Medical InternA medical internship is probably one of the hardest phases of med school. If you’re currently finishing one, here are tips on how to stay healthy in the workplace.

Pack your own food.

While there’s always the cafeteria and vending machines, you can’t always be guaranteed that you’ll get healthier options. And while there are many medical institutions that do offer healthy alternatives, you can’t always be sure that you’ll go for it when you’re so tired and hungry. So it is always better to bring your own food. While it seems like an added chore, think of food preparation as your stress reliever instead. This way, you hit two birds with one stone.

Manage your stress.

Speaking of stress, being a medical intern can be so stressful. Amazingly, many medical students still manage to participate in extracurricular activities even more than the average person who has a 9-to-5 desk job. This is because the most stressed out people often find more ways to manage their stress. Find something you really like doing, even if it’s just cozying up in a café with a book during your free time. The goal is to find ways on how to beat stress before it beats you.

Squeeze in a workout.

Medical interns often work odd hours. It might seem that there’s no time to hit the gym. These days, there are quick and easy workout routines you can do even in the comforts of your own home. A good 30-minute workout is enough. If you have some days off, you can do a full workout then. You can also squeeze in mini workouts by taking the stairs in your workplace as often as you can.

Stay comfortable.

Your medical internship can be one of the most stressful phases of your journey to becoming a physician. This is why it’s important to watch your comfort level. Stay hydrated. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear such as operating theatre shoes. This is not the time to sport your Via Spiga or Louis Vuitton. Remember, you’re an intern. You need to be able to sprint from one department to another in a matter of seconds.

Stay Healthy So You Can Watch Over Your Patients

There are more ways on how to stay healthy during your medical internship. The goal is to stay healthy so you can better take care of the people under your care. And if you can catch a few Zs, do try to get enough sleep.

The Versatility of Direct Composite Bonding

Chipped ToothA chipped tooth is no laughing matter — not only does it affect your appearance, but it also exposes the inner layers of the tooth to bacteria, which may lead to fillings. Luckily, a chipped tooth is easy to fix thanks to a technique known as direct composite bonding.

According to Fresh Dental, a London practice that performs tooth-bonding treatments, direct composite bonding is a type of dental restoration that allows the dentist to shape and sculpt a tooth by hand, directly onto the patient’s existing tooth.

Free Hand Sculpting

The advantage of direct composite bonding is that it is a quick, painless procedure that requires minimal equipment. The practitioner cleans the damaged tooth and attaches several layers of specialised tooth-coloured resin to the area, slowly building up the new tooth. A mould can be used for more extensive restorations.

Each layer mimics the natural layers of the tooth; a skilled dentist can recreate the slight translucency of real teeth, expertly blending the resin to match the existing teeth. Sculpting the tooth by hand also creates natural imperfections, making the tooth look even more realistic. Typically, the dentist uses a hook-shaped tool called an excavator to sculpt the resin by hand, curing each layer before moving on to the next. The result is a strong, solid tooth that is nearly indistinguishable from the other teeth.

A Versatile Option

You can use direct composite bonding for more than just the repair of chipped teeth. Since the resin is sculpted entirely by hand, the dental practitioner can use it for a wide variety of restorations. Here are some common uses of this technique:

  • To fill cavities for posterior teeth;
  • To repair chipped or cracked teeth;
  • To cover discoloured teeth;
  • To fill gaps between teeth;
  • To lengthen or change the shape of the teeth;
  • To protect the root of a tooth exposed due to receding gums

Direct composite bonding is a strong, versatile technique, requiring minimal maintenance once in place. In fact, its uses are limited only by the dentist’s skill.

Aging Gracefully: The Current and Future Trends in Senior Housing

Retirement Home in UtahRetirement homes are a place where your parents or grandparents can live peacefully without the stresses of owning a regular home. It is where they can live a long and relaxed retirement while they get to socialize with their peers.

Many senior living communities now vary from homey and relaxing to an all-inclusive luxury. For instance, offers residents the opportunity to choose their own apartment floor plan, go to social events, plan their own meals and even have someone cook for them. Below are some of the current and future updates on the senior housing industry.

The Developments Today

The luxury communities and residences provide an array of amenities now like gourmet dining, internet lounges, art studios, beauty salons, bowling alleys and fitness clubs. The demand for the different social and recreational activities has greatly increased. Everybody desires to retire in luxury, which is why those costly two bedroom suites now have the lowest rate in vacancy.

Instead of retiring later in life, active seniors join retirement residences at a much younger age. Rental homes have even lowered as seniors now want to buy their own units. When it comes to health, they now offer more comprehensive services than in the past.

The Trends of the Future

According to, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts that around 20 percent of the population will be 65 and older by 2030. The number will be twice as much as the current population and with the current advancements already in place, future nursing homes will feel less like a facility and more like a home.

The future will provide more residential selections like bungalows and townhouses. They will be set up in small and big settings to prepare for the surging market demand. The current and future advancements emphasize that you can finally let go of life’s stresses and continue to age gracefully.

Help Kids Focus on the Right Values When They Compete

Basketball SkillsThere has been some debate on whether kids should get competitive as part of real life training. Regardless of your position, you may find that your child has a passion for competitive endeavors like sports. Here are some suggestions to get you on the right track when providing guidance:

Be the leader in defining healthy competition

Children will follow examples set by adults. As a parent, you need to show your objectivity, fairness, and sportsmanship. Basketball coach and former player, John Wooden said, “What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player.” J Robinson Intensive Camps, LLC recommends reminding your children this quote before you enroll them to a basketball skills clinic.

Put a greater premium on mastery of skills

If you play with all of your heart, you never lose because you improve. Mastering skills through disciplined and persevering practice is far more valuable than awards. Your child should be playing to get better not to win. Champion tennis player, Erik van Dillen, said the best athletes relish problem-solving challenges of every game rather than victory itself.

Understand the meaning of positive self-esteem

Former top-ranking tennis player, Jim Courier, said, “Sportsmanship for me is when a guy walks off the court and you really can’t tell whether he won or lost; he carries himself with pride either way.” Is that even possible? Yes, because having good self-esteem or having positive feelings about oneself means being able to own weaknesses. According to Psychology Today, self-esteem is the foundation of confidence. Athletes with good self-esteem acknowledge that they missed the shot; they could have done better, but they will do better.

Help your child be more self-aware

Constructive feedback from trusted mentors helps children be more self-aware. Dr. John Tauer, a psychology professor at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, Minn believes that children should have a more accurate view. They need to understand that competition is a part of life. They will sometimes fail because of their own shortcomings, but that they have the power to be better.

How children play at a basketball skills clinic helps build their character. Guide them with the right values.