Satisfy the Heart and the Palate: Keep Customers Happy in 3 Straightforward Ways

Customer Satisfaction Overall customer experience is very important in ensuring that you would havereturning patrons. Try these techniques so that when your customers leave your place of business, they do it with smiles on their faces.

When you have a restaurant, you are most likely concerned with one thing, customer satisfaction that will earn you patrons for life. One profound formula that you can use to ensure that customers keep coming back to your place of business is to satisfy both their palates and their hearts. Still not sure how to do it?

Here are some practical steps you can take:

Make Your Place Kid-Friendly

Forget El Divo or Pavarotti music at your restaurant because this will depict an utterly serious, prim and proper restaurant where kids are simply a no-no. Many families today opt for restaurants that will be able to win the hearts of children, giving them fun and laughter as they eat and dine away. According to Timeout, when you have a “fun” or themed restaurant, you will be able to keep kids distracted and parents don’t have to deal with all the whining while food is being prepared. Now that would give parents a great time at your restaurant, and the kids too! The result? Suffice to say, you’ve just won the heart of one family.

Invest in Entertainment

Entertainment is not just meant for kids, it also titillates the emotions of adults. Think about this, if you have a patron who would be proposing to his girlfriend, won’t you love to be part of the surprise and offer him “singing” waiter or quartet who will sing their favorite love song? How about a band that will play on Friday nights? For sure, guests would love dining at a place where they could listen to songs instead of total silence.

Surprise! Surprise!

Everybody loves surprises. Try this tact. Give customers a surprising treat even just once a month. You may want to try randomly picking a “winning customer” for that surprise treat. It could be anything. You can buy demi glace and have a special meal prepared for that winning customer. When that food turns out to be so sumptuous, everybody would love it. The next time around, you can expect orders for that particular food. Now you’ve got something new on the menu and you kept customers really happy.

Indeed, when you touch both the heart and the palate of your customers, you will find out that they are happier than ever. You will then see them coming back, along with their friends and family whom they have convinced that your restaurant is simply the best.