Choosing a Dentist in Wigmore: 3 Top Ttips

a dentist attending to the questions of his patientGoing to the dentist isn’t something most people relish. Childhood experiences with painful extractions or the shame of wearing braces for years means that some people put off arranging a check-up or even give up on seeing a dentist all together. The good news is that modern dentistry has ways of helping even the most phobic patient overcome their aversion to seeking help.

A modern dentist in Wigmore, such as Wigmore Dental Practice in Wigmore, does everything they can to put patients at ease.

Tip 1: Keep calm and go to the dentist

Chances are there is a dentist in Wigmore offering conscious sedation: this is a mild sedative that means the patient stays awake and relaxed throughout the treatment. It can either be administered with a needle or as a gas or tablet.

It differs from anaesthetic in that the patient isn’t knocked out or numb, but remains aware and at peace while the clinicians do their work.

Tip 2: Not just about the treatment

Dental surgeries these days also do their best to provide a relaxed, inviting environment and an easy, stress-free treatment experience. When choosing a dentist in Wigmore, it’s important to take all these factors into account, not just the clinical experience of the dentist.

Are the reception staff friendly and welcoming? Is the waiting area comfortable? Do they offer refreshments? Are the clinical staff easy to talk to? Some dental treatment plans can be up to two years long, so finding somewhere that makes patient comfort and customer service a priority is key.

Tip 3: Range of services

There are dentists that specialise in a particular form of dentistry. There are others that offer cosmetic treatments and others still that cover many different services. Practices that are geared up for children’s treatments and family dentistry are going to feel very different to those that specialise in cosmetic work. It is wise for patients to make sure that the surgery is suited to their particular needs and has experience of working with the condition they want treating.

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Following these tips can help turn a trip to the dentist in Wigmore from something to be feared to an integral part of a positive health routine.