Everything You Ought to Know Regarding Crown Lengthening

A man suffering from a toothacheThrough dental crowns, specialists can address extreme tooth decay concerns, and they can as well fix broken or chipped teeth. Crowns can last for ten years or more, and their design ensures the restoration of the functions of damaged or defective teeth. Before having a dental crown installed, your dental specialist has to make sure that the surrounding gums and teeth can provide adequate support.

A top cosmetic dentist from Ginger Price DDS in Phoenix, Arizona, recommends crown lengthening if the affected tooth is not enough to provide the needed support. In severe tooth damage cases, the part of the remaining tooth that sticks out is tiny and unreliable. Below is everything you should know regarding crown lengthening.

How Does Crown Lengthening Work?

During crown lengthening, the dental surgeon removes a portion of the gum tissue to get more of a tooth exposed. They can do this if you need a filling or a crown. It also corrects gummy smiles, and this could significantly enhance the aesthetics of the dental of a patient. What if you are getting crown lengthening for cosmetic reasons? A professional is likely to focus on the front teeth and cut off the unwanted gum tissue.

What Happens During Procedures?

First, you need to undergo teeth cleaning. Your dental surgeon would then temporarily place a crown over the affected teeth. It will get a precise idea of the length of gum that they ought to remove. You will remain with the impermanent crown for at least three months. After the gums heal, you can have your temporary dental crown removed.

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What Can You Expect During The Healing Course?

Healing takes three months or less. However, you need to have the stitches removed one week following the procedure. Patients also need to go for two or three follow up appointments for the dentist to assess whether they are healing properly.

Beautiful and perfectly healthy teeth, when obscured by uneven or excessive gums, could be addressed through crown lengthening. Also referred to as a gum lift, the procedure could facilitate crown installation of severely damaged teeth.