Facts and Myths of Using Botox Medication

Woman being injected botox

Botox has become the solution for people who want to look young for a long time, and it’s especially common in cities, such as New York. But not everyone is pleased by the invention of the drug, and the result is a public uproar from many groups. Some claimed that the drug has caused some absurd problems. On the other hand, others claimed that the drug was more than helpful. Below are facts and myths about the Botox treatment.


Botox is worldly known as a magical eraser of facial lines. These lines develop with age due to the movement of facial muscles. With the drug, these facial wrinkles can be flattened thus making any fifty-year- old to look like a teenager. Oculoplastic surgeons first used the drug to treat eyelid spasms. Botox has since grown to have a more significant health value. When injected by a Botox specialist in New York City, the drug is known to prevent chronic migraines.


There are certain myths and misconceptions about Botox. This has led to many people being paranoid about using the drug; hence, fewer people enjoy the drug’s advantages. Most of the people who might have experienced these effects have probably worked with ‘quack doctors’ who knew little about the drug’s administration.

Some of the myths include the loss of bladder control, muscle weakening, trouble speaking and swallowing, vision problems, and difficulty breathing.

The Verdict

These myths have been a major throwback that has prevented the drug from attaining its full potential. Only board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons should administer Botox treatment. It is wise to consult your doctor before undergoing the procedure. Your physician should direct you to an experienced Botox expert.

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Botox has revolutionized the beauty industry. It gives many women a younger look that results in improved confidence and self-esteem. The drug has to be administered once after every three to six months to maintain its magic.