Fear-Free Animal Clinics: Vets Take the “Pet” Out of Petrified

Teen boy takes his dog to the veterinarianTrips to the veterinarian can be stressful for pets. The anxiety of four-legged creatures often manifests in higher heart rates, a spike in blood pressure, and dilating eyes. For animals, coping with stress is not only an unpleasant experience — it could also exacerbate trauma or illness. In some cases, severe stress can also affect an animal’s physiology so much that it could skew test results.

Veterinarians are coming up with a new approach to administering care called the Fear-Free Movement. The initiative entails removing things in the vet’s office that contribute to fear, such as white lab coats and harsh lights.

Reducing Stress Factors for Pets

Receiving treatment at an animal clinic is like the human equivalent of alien abduction. The clinical environment at a vet feels foreign and could cause a significant amount of stress for pets. While animal doctors can do a good job of fixing a broken bone and performing surgery, experts believe that the behavioral aspect of the treatment is lacking. As a result, vets are responsible for ensuring that their practice is conducive to pet care.

Dignified and Calming Treatment

Making treatments dignified and calming for pets translates to the best kind of pet care. Stress and anxiety, after all, cause several physical and mental problems for animals. Fortunately, there are many ways vets can make their offices more pleasant for pets. These include:

  • Painting walls in pastel colors and having staff wear similar-colored lab coats. White colors can intimidate pets.
  • Removing old fluorescent or buzzing lights. Some animals are sensitive to the noise from old fixtures.
  • Avoiding the use of cold, slippery metal surfaces for animal exams. Yoga mats are a more comfortable alternative.
  • Offering sedation treatment instead of resorting to muzzles or restraints to keep pets calm.
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Enriching pet care is possible with the help of the fear-free vet initiative. Companies like Positive Impressions, LLC, believe that along with using promotional products for veterinary clinics, more targeted care will lead to positive and long-lasting relationships with their clientele.

Animal well-being is a necessity. The fear-free movement allows for enhanced pet care through a comforting clinical environment.