Reinvent Your Break Room, Keep Employees Happy

Cup of coffee on a company break roomBreak rooms had a revival of sorts when Silicon Valley companies invested in enhancing their spaces. Beautiful, spacious, and full of choices, everyone suddenly got the idea that revamping their break rooms is their next big priority.

And for good reason.

Its effect is less about numbers and more about the experience. A good break room is one way to achieve employee retention without relying on a salary increase. The office feature can also prompt interest among potential candidates.

Here’s how you can go about it:

Provide Snacking Options

It seems a minor point, but a break room with a lot of snacking choices is a fantastic perk for employees. It allows them to spend less and, depending on the choices, encourage them to eat healthier.

The snacking options don’t even have to be expensive. You can start by looking at previously used but durable vending machines. Load it up with a mix of nutrient-rich and tasty snacks, because your employees deserve both. Also, consider a good mix of healthy beverage options to go with the snacks.

On the Space Itself

The visual aspect of a break room should be enticing. It’s what comes to mind when looking at Google’s break room. But renovating isn’t your only option in reinventing the office feature. A change-up, or optimization as HBR worded it, in some areas, particularly the furniture, is a cost-effective way to remake its appearance.

A Good “Customer” Experience

Part of this post by VendingMarketWatch states that a customer with better experience is more likely to pay more for a product or service.

It’s not far-fetched to see this translating well in improving the general experience in your office. An inspiring break room with options may do just that, making a difference in employee satisfaction and happiness.

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Apart from it all, it’s just better to have something nice in the office. It makes business and practical sense, so renovating it may be your next move.