Save Yourself: 3 Critical Reasons to Avoid DIY Braces

Woman smiling with bracesTeenagers can be conscious about their looks, and it is understandable. With the peer pressure, group trends and even school clichés that they deal with, issues about their hair, weight and teeth can push them to do extreme measures.

One of them is the growing trend of do-it-yourself braces.

Practices like Smile Spa agree that DIY orthodontics should never be a replacement for professional orthodontic work. Why?

You Save Yourself the Pain

"Vloggers" who have posted how-to videos about DIY braces do admit that DIY braces are painful. While the same is true for professional orthodontics, you cannot precisely create a DIY fix for your teeth due to your botched amateur work. Meanwhile, dentists and orthodontists are licensed to prescribe the right kind of painkillers for you once they have already applied your braces.

You Save Yourself Extra Cost

Many DIY braces users mention the significant savings they get with these homemade versions. However, the internal damage done to the teeth, gums and jaw can cost you much more in the long run.

Unprofessional tampering of your teeth can eventually cause long-term damage, and can eventually lead to a more expensive professional fix in the future.

You Save Yourself From Harm

The materials used for DIY braces are mostly cheap household items that are dangerous when ingested. These include rubber bands and paper clips. It does not matter if it is only staying in your mouth for only two weeks, it is still risky and hazardous. When you get clear braces from a licensed orthodontist, it may mean six or more months of waiting, but it is still a safer option.

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Very few will be willing to be driven around by a non-licensed driver; therefore it does not make sense to have an amateur ‘correct’ smiles. Dentists and orthodontists have gone through years of training and experience to fix oral and dental problems safely. Remember, it is foolish to put your smile at risk. After all, you would not do the same for the rest of your body parts.