When Your Skin Feels Itchier the More You Scratch It

Closeup young woman scratching her itchy back with rashesRashes, one of the most common dermatologic complaints, can happen to anyone, at any given time. This is primarily because the skin can be very sensitive, and it doesn’t help that there are just so many different allergens that can easily irritate it. It’s important to keep in mind that while not all rashes should be a cause of panic, there are some situations wherein you should treat them as an urgent matter and seek professional skin health care.

This is especially true when the rash isn’t the only symptom you experience. In this case, it’s best that you set up an appointment with a Salt Lake City dermatologist, such as Brian J. Williams, M.D., as soon as possible.

Itching before the rash even came out

Of the many different skin conditions characterized by inflammation and irritation of the skin, eczema tops the list. Eczema is the collective term for medical conditions that give rise to these symptoms. Although, its most common form is atopic dermatitis (also known as atopic eczema).

One sign that indicates you have this skin condition is itching even before the rashes make themselves apparent. This is actually why eczema is also known as “the itch that rashes.” And over time, the rashes dry out the skin, even more, causing the skin to flake and even take on the appearance of scaly patches. Some sufferers even have reported their skin to have felt like leather.

Don’t ignore the warning signs

One thing about eczema that should already concern you is that scratching makes the itch worse. The more you scratch, the more inflamed and itchy your skin becomes. You may even notice fluids coming out of the affected area that turn crusty when dry.

These are warning signs that should prompt you to seek a dermatologist right away. The sooner you get help, the earlier you can get rid of all these unpleasant sensations that eczema brings.

5 Clever Ways to Prevent Acne

A woman doing a skin care routine Acne is one of the conditions that might lower your self-esteem. You have probably cancelled some plans due to acne. Fortunately, here are some smart ways that a dermatologist in Murray will recommend you to use.

Always Keep Your Face Clean

If you want to stay free from acne, you must make a habit of washing your face twice a day. This helps you to remove impurities, unwanted oils, and dead skin cells. When cleaning your face, use a mild facial cleanser and warm water. Avoid using soaps that will cause irritation on your skin.

Avoid Using So Much Makeup

Dermatologists recommend you to use makeup sparingly during a breakout. If possible, you should switch to oil-free cosmetics that do not have any chemical and added dyes. Makeup products that have a “noncomedogenic” label are the best for your skin.

Finally, do not forget to check the ingredients list of a product before purchasing.

Try Legitimate OTC Acne Products

Consider purchasing effective acne products from your local pharmacy. Most importantly, you should try products with effective ingredients, such as lactic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. Products, such as the Topical Retinoid Gel, will work to keep acne from attacking your face.

Assess Your Diet

If you are looking to prevent acne from forming on your face, you must avoid junk and sugary food. Embrace a healthy diet that features more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid using dairy products as well as foods with processed sugars since they may trigger the formation of acne.

Do Regular Exercise

Exercising daily can be good for your skin since it will help your excrete unwanted substances from your skin. Remember to wear the right clothing and most importantly, take a shower right after a workout.

In case the tips fail to work, you should pay your dermatologist a visit and find out if there are more treatments to prevent acne.