These Can Happen to Your Body If You Sit All Day

Employee sitting improperly his work stationAre you wondering why you feel so lethargic and unhealthy? One of the reasons you might be feeling this way is your sedentary lifestyle where you sit all day every day. Some people sit almost the entire day at work and do the same over the weekend while watching their favorite shows or movies. This habit may result in a variety of health risks as well as aches and pains in different parts of your body.

MUV fitness experts from Happy Valley, OR, cite the following reasons this is bad for your overall health.

Back and Shoulder Pain

Some experts cite that a person cannot sit for around three minutes without slumping or slouching. Either position puts a lot of strain on someone’s joints and discs, which may then result in bone or muscle wear and tear. This poor posture also puts pressure on the spine’s ligaments and back muscles. These cause overcompensation in some parts of the body such as the shoulders and neck. This will then lead to chronic pain throughout the day and week, reducing energy and causing lethargy.

Weaker Leg Muscles and Hips

There is a saying that if you don’t use it, you lose it. This applies to muscles of the body. If you sit for prolonged periods, your legs, hips, and glutes will atrophy. Poor blood circulation may result in the appearance of varicose veins, development of deep vein thrombosis and swollen ankles. Make sure to squeeze in some time to stretch your legs into your daily schedule.

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Packing on Pounds

When you move, the muscles release certain molecules that enable the body to process sugar and fat. When you sit most of the day, the muscles release fewer of these molecules, which may result in weight gain.

If part of your work is to sit most of the time, it is ideal to balance it with enough exercise. Enroll in an exercise program or get one-on-one training to stay healthy and keep your muscles active.