Top Shows in Sentosa for the Family

Happy family on an outdoor adventureSentosa has a lot of fun and physically engaging activities that your children can enjoy. From hopping on a surfboard and riding man-made waves to flying in the air and learning how to trapeze, the selection is seems endless.

If you are looking for more laid back kids’ activities in Sentosa, though, there is a wide array of exciting shows around the island. You and your kids can simply sit back and enjoy pure entertainment! To get you started, here is a list of shows in Sentosa you can check out.

CHEF: Bibimbap vs. Chilli Crab

A Singaporean twist in the Korean show “Bibap” showcases impressive live b-boying and beatboxing skills to tell the story of a competition between Singaporean and Korean chefs. Packing cool choreography and rich musical beats, audiences will be captivated from start to finish.

Crane Dance

Watch the unconventional magical love story between two mechanical cranes and how their love leads to a Pinocchio-esque happy ending in the Crane Dance. The show uses world-class light and water effects, as well as ground-breaking audio-visual technology to capture your imagination. Catch Crane Dance before they fly away!

Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams is a free entertainment spectacle that showcases water cannons, laser special effects and flaming dragons! It is a dramatic show that transforms the Sentosa’s Festive Walk from day to night.

K-Live Sentosa

In the mood for some high-tech entertainment? Well, the K-Live Sentosa show is a hologram theatre that features famous K-pop stars. It is a cutting-edge show that allows both audiences and performers to interact with each other. It is something you simply shouldn’t miss.

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Sentosa is truly the State of Fun. From beatboxing chefs to dancing mechanical cranes, there are many shows you can check out on the island during your visit.