Veterinary 101: How to Help Clients Care for their Sick Pets

sick dog resting on a sofaA huge part of being a veterinarian is helping your clients manage their pet’s needs. Even the most insignificant symptom could be an indication of something more serious. Vets are the best people to advise their clients on coping with pets that are ill.

Special Pet Care Needs

According to the specialists at, everyone in the household should know all about the special diet of the sick pet because this could help the pet recover and prevent the condition from becoming worse. You should also make certain that your client knows about changes to their pet’s physical needs, such that some medicines might make their pet drink more water, which in turn would lead to more frequent urination and more walks. More importantly, make sure that they know to call you immediately if they notice their pet worsening or exhibiting new symptoms.

Chronic Illnesses and Home Care

More often than not, pet owners who lack funds for animal clinics or hospitals would try to care for their sick pets at home. But this caregiver role could be immensely taxing for them, physically and mentally. You need to provide clear and detailed instructions and information to your clients so that they could care for their beloved pets at home. This would include clear medical labels and instructions for all medications and perhaps some notes for encouragement in veterinary prescription bags.

A Hospital Stay?

In many cases, pet owners would take their pets to their veterinarian, and if their pet is severely sick, the pet might have to stay in the vet’s clinic for some time. However, not all pet owners could afford lengthy clinic stays, not to mention the medications and procedures. In cases like these, you might have to suggest other care alternatives or options, or possibly work out a payment plan, especially if the pet owner is a loyal client.

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The Long and Short of It All

You’ll see numerous sick pets in your practice and while might be normal to you; it’s probably not so normal to their owners. That being said, you will need to work closely with pet owners all throughout treatment. And although it could be challenging for everyone involved, especially in severe cases, being detailed with care instructions and thorough in your treatment would certainly make it easier on everyone involved.