What You Can Learn from a Barber School in Utah

Barber at WorkStudying and training to become a barber involves spending hours both in the classroom and in a practical or clinical setup. You’ll have 150 hours in the classroom and 850 hours of clinical training. In some states like Utah, there are additional required hours for apprenticeship before you can become a full-fledged barber.

Learning more about what’s included in both setups means you have to enroll in a hair school in Utah. Aside from the proper way of cutting hair and shaving beard in school, you’ll also learn about the following:

The Basics

Styling, shaving, and hair cutting are the first three skills that you’ll learn as a barber, some of which you may even learn at home on your own.

However, other basics of barber training also tackle hair care and treatment, and surprisingly, manicuring and skin care or facials.These are important because your clients will most likely ask for advice on how they can properly take care of their hair and what products they can safely use. On the other hand, you might get requests for facials and manicure as well.

The Science

In barber school, you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of human hair. This can help you better understand how hair grows so you can recommend the most suitable hair treatment and products for your clients.

You’ll also learn about chemical procedures, how to create your own solutions, and how to properly apply them to your client’s hair.You’ll also learn about sanitation and hygiene, which instills sanitary disciplines. You always have to use clean equipment to avoid infection.

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Business and Legal Matters

Of course, a hair school in Utah will teach you about proper interpersonal communication. This way, you know how to speak to your clients. More importantly, you’ll learn how to put up your barbershop in barber training.

While it may not seem like it, being a barber is a profitable career. To be successful in it, you must arm yourself with the proper skills and knowledge.